Sunday, November 2, 2014

Storage Solution Sunday: Embossing Folders


This week I want to show you how I store my Embossing Folders (Cuttlebug and Sizzix).

Embossing Folders are very thin them selves and don't need much help (they stack nicely).  What I have done is create samples of each one (for an index like I have for my Spellbinders that I showed you two weeks ago) I have them on a ring at my desk where i do my designing so I can flip thru and pick the one I want.  I then have the folders in a box (a plastic box, like the one my Spellbinders are in). Each Die I have taken out of the package and used my label marker to label with the name and item number.   I have the dies in the same order as I have the index samples that way I don't have to do a blind search each time.

Have a good week!

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