Sunday, October 19, 2014

Storage Solution Sunday: Spellbinders


I am trying this new thing called Storage Solution Sunday. Not sure if I will be able to post every Sunday, but I am going to do as may as I can.  I will be sharing with you the best ways I have found to store my crafting supplies. I have found it is a constantly evolving process though, so its possible I might share multiple storage ideas for the same things.

For a long time, I have tried to find a way to store my Spellbinder for a while I starting using 4x6 sheets I created from rolls of Magnet and some chipboard and keep them in a tin from Micheal's, but recently I decided that I had too many dies and that the small ones were not sticking well, and became worried about losing them.  

After many hours of searching Pintrest I have come up with my own solution that so far is working for me. It was the most cost effective solution i could find, and I am going to be okay if I come up with a better idea next year.

I took a box of paper CD sleeves that my husband had in his office. I labeled each one;
Top left: Name of Die
Top Right: Index/Item Number
Bottom Right: Number of Dies in Set
Bottom Left: Company

I am keeping the filled sleeves in a plastic box (shoe box size) that I have.

This way I have all the information I need right in-front of me when I grab the set. I kept the sheets that came with each Die, and have hole punched the top corner so when i am designing I can flip them them like an index, then go to the box to find the set I want.  A few of the dies are larger than the envelopes and those I just don't close and let the dies stick out, but I have found that the majority of the dies I have (I don't have many of the larger ones) fit in the envelopes, and if I find that they start to tear from too much use, I am not going to feel bad as they did not cost much.
See ya next time!

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