Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Glitter Cards 101!

So I have gotten the question "how did you do that" on my glitter cards alot, so here is the answer! Its a technique I teach often and is super simple and makes for a quick and easy card with lots of shimmer!
The supplies needed to make a card like this is a Background Stamp, Elizabeth Craft Design 155mm Be Creative Tape and Micro Fine Warm Highlight Glitter

Fist thing I did was stamp Impression Obsession Cover-A-Card  "Rose Lace" (CC087) on a pice of white cardstock in Adirondack Dye Ink (Pool).  The Mega Mount (made by Impression Obsession) is made to help you stamp a large background evenly.  It is an amazing tool! 

Next I layed the stamped paper on to the roll of the Elizabeth Craft Design Be Creative Tape 155mm with the stamped side DOWN.  The Tape is clear so you will be able to see thru the tape to the design after the glittter is down. 

I cut around the paper with an exacto knife ( a non-stick pair of scissors will also work).  I flip the paper over and pull off part of the backing, revealing the image, and pour the Elizabeth Craft Design Warm Highlight over it.  (You never want to touch the sticky part, so i only peal part off, and cover the edge with glitter to give myself somewhere to hold while i do the other half.)

Once you have the intire thing covered in glitter, you want to take a Blush Brush and brush off all of the excess glitter.  Then you need to rub your finger over the glitter to burnish the glitter with your figer to help secure it to the tape. 

Next I secure the paper to my card and I am done.

Below are a few other cards I have made with this technique.  All of them are using Impression Obsession Mega Mount Stamps, and some are colored with copics.

Hope you enjoy!

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